Blocked Drains

Pipe Location & Inspections Service

At Raiders Plumbing we realise that a blocked drain is usually an urgent matter and inconvenient enough to ruin anybody’s day, therefore we will respond in a timely manner. The most common and effective way to clear a blocked drain is with an electric eel. Blocked drains can present in a variety of ways with a number of consequences. Slow draining sinks, basins or showers? Is your toilet filling up or overflowing, inside or out? Do you have an unpleasant smell or gurgle coming from your household plumbing? These symptoms are all indicative of a blocked drain. Tree roots, sanitary hygiene products, foreign objects or even your toddler’s toys could all be to blame. However, if a blockage is too far away or proving to stubborn for the electric eel to clear, our high-pressure jet cleaner is often successful in blasting the blockage away. When it is important to identify the cause or location of your drainage problems we can utilise our drain inspection camera in order to visualise the specific cause of the blockage in your drainage system. This can be particularly useful when a dig-up is required. In some circumstances where a drain cannot be cleared, is blocking repetitively or your pipes are damaged, cracked or broken, digging-up a section of your drain and replacing it may be your only option. In this case, we have a mini-excavator which can access tight garden spaces while minimising disruption and damage to your landscaping and plants. If a dig-up is required an obligation free quote is given.

Leaking Taps & Toilets

Water is a precious and expensive resource. Do you have a troublesome tap that won’t stop dripping or a toilet that never stops running? Often the solution can be a new tap washer. However, if your taps need re-seating or you are looking to update or upgrade your tapware we are happy to guide you through the process. Do you experience difficulty turning taps on and off? Perhaps a mixer tap or quarter turn lever tapware may be the solution you are looking for.

Is your toilet cistern constantly running or filling up in the middle of the night? Unfortunately, you are wasting money and water. Toilet cisterns often require a new washer as they are perishable. Likewise, the inlet or outlet valve can need replacing. Sometimes the most cost-effective and water-wise solution is to replace your old toilet cistern which can be consuming up to 11 litres of water per flush, with a new dual flush cistern which uses less than half that amount.

Hot Water Systems

A cold Canberra morning and no hot water is definitely not the ideal situation to be in. We know from experience that there is a number of reasons to why your hot water system is not working. Make sure you give us a call the moment you are not sure what is wrong. Getting us there earlier before the problem gets worse could save you a lot of money. We have the expertise and equipment to make sure we fix the problem.

If you need a new hot water system for your home or workplace, we are also experts in supplying and installing them for you. Ask us today and we will give you the most cost-effective quote.

Thermostatic Mixing / Tempering Valves

These devices are designed to limit the temperature of hot water to personal hygiene fixtures such as your shower, bath and basin as per AS3500 (The Australian Plumbing Code) as well as ACTPLA requirements on new installations.

The maximum supply temperature for these fixtures is 50 degrees Celsius. Thermostatic mixing valves require a maintenance/service kit every 12 months. This can only be carried out by a licenced plumber who has undertaken a specific course for this purpose, at Raiders Plumbing, Dal is qualified in this area.

Split Pipes

Split pipes are a common occurrence in Canberra, often as a result of our extremely cold and frosty winter mornings. Split pipes can also occur as a result of improper installation, or the pipe is in contact with an abrasive surface such as a rock/brick or concrete. The consequences of a split pipe are many and varied depending on the location, but wherever that is, remember water damage is usually extensive, especially if it occurs in a wall, a ceiling, under a concrete slab, or even in your garden. At Raiders Plumbing we regard split pipes as an emergency situation and respond accordingly.

Dishwasher Installations

Do you have a new dishwasher or has your old one finally thrown in the towel? At Raiders Plumbing we can facilitate whatever you require getting your new dishwasher installed. Whether that is cutting in a new water tap, altering the drain or just simply replacing a new for old model ( please see Kitchen/Bathroom Renovations)

Insurance Work

There will be times when your plumbing maintenance or emergency will be covered by your household insurance. If your insurance provider approves your claim, we are happy to invoice them directly.

Gas Appliance Installations

Raiders Plumbing Canberra can install all types of gas appliances including gas cooktops, gas ovens/freestanding units, gas hot water systems, continuous flow gas hot water systems, room sealed heaters, ducted heating units, pool/spa heaters, gas BBQ’s, commercial cooking appliances.

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Raiders Plumbing we have worked with a variety of kitchen companies, builders and owner-builders over the years to provide a rough-in and fit off service for kitchen and bathroom renovations. We always take the greatest care of your new kitchen and appliances and make sure they are fitted to the highest standard. We are also happy to advise on which type of sink, tapware, bath and vanity is most suited to your project and budget in relation to your existing plumbing.

Irrigation/Backflow Testing

*At Raiders Plumbing we are qualified & licensed to carry out Annual Testing of Backflow Prevention Devices. This is a mandatory requirement of ACT Government and in accordance with Australian Standards.

Irrigation and sprinkler systems installed in the ACT require separate stopcocks and backflow prevention devices to ensure that there can be no cross contamination from chemicals used to fertilized or treat grass/lawns for pests. Contrary to popular belief landscapers are not qualified to install these, they must be fitted by a licenced plumber.